On Monday June 14th we will be again starting to let clients into the building in limited capacity.

FOOD AND MEDICATION PICKUPS. We will once again be asking clients to come through the GLASS FRONT door to pick up food and medications. Maximum 3 people in the clinic at a time. MASKS are required for entrance into the building. We will still be doing curbside pick up for those who request it.

For APPOINTMENTS, we will be allowing 1 person in per pet(s), as our exam rooms are very small. Clients are asked TO CALL when they arrive, & they will be COVID screened. Then a technician or veterinarian will speak with the client over the phone and give directions on how to come into the building. MASKS are to be worn the entire time of the visit. Clients will be asked to help hold their pet for the exam. As with medication and food pick ups, clients can request not to come into the building, and just have their pet brought in by our staff for the exam.

Please let us know at time of booking (or ordering food/medication) if you do not have a cell phone, and we will give you alternative instructions.

We are still going to be COVID screening, and asking that people who are ill, or have travelled outside the country in the last 14 days to NOT ENTER the building. We have some immunocompromised staff, and until most of the population is double vaccinated, we wish to mitigate everyones risks of getting COVID.

Thank you for your constant understanding and support throughout these times! We look forward to seeing you in person!

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