We hope the Q&A below can answer all of your questions.
If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Can my pet see the same veterinarian/veterinary technician each time we visit?
Please feel free to ask for a specific veterinarian or veterinary technician when you schedule your appointment, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. We understand the special bond that is formed between our clients and our veterinary staff. However, there may be circumstances that prevent a certain veterinary team member from being available during your pet’s visit. Scheduling conflicts, emergency situations, and vacation schedules all play a role in their availability. Rest assured that if a scheduling conflict arises, with the benefit of all of the information in your pet’s detailed medical record, any one of our skilled professionals would be happy to assist you with your pet’s needs.
Why do you check my dog’s weight every time he/she comes in for a visit?
We keep track of your pet’s weight just like your doctor’s office keeps track of your height and weight each time you visit. Having an accurate and current measurement of your pet’s weight will help us ensure that we prescribe the right dose of preventives, medications, and any needed anesthetics. Any changes in your pet’s weight can also help us notice possible early clues to health concerns. In addition, a regular weigh-in can help you track and manage your pet’s ideal weight. Feel free to stop in for a quick weight check anytime to keep your pet on the right track!
What happens to my beloved pet once the decision has been made that he/she has to be euthanized?
Euthanasia is an incredibly difficult and emotional decision. Once you and your veterinarian have decided that the time has come to end your pet’s suffering you will have several options to consider. Do you want to be present during those final moments when your pet passes on, or would you prefer to say goodbye beforehand?

The euthanasia procedure itself is painless and quick, but many people elect not to stay with their pet out of fear that it will be frightening. We can assure you that at our clinic we will make every effort to ensure that this is a peaceful visit for both you and your pet. Depending on your choices, your pet will be brought to a treatment area to have an intravenous catheter placed in their front leg and secured with a light bandage. Your pet is then given a mild sedative to help him/her relax. If you have chosen to be with your pet in those final moments the veterinarian will then return with your pet and offer you some time alone. When you are ready, the veterinarian will give your pet an overdose of an anesthetic. Your pet will peacefully fall asleep, at which point their heart will stop beating. Once the veterinarian has checked your pet’s heart and confirmed that they have passed on, you can again have the option of some final private moments.

After you have said your last goodbyes your pet is then prepared for whatever your final wishes are for them. Most often a pet’s remains are sent away for a communal or private cremation. If you have chosen a private cremation, your pet will be cremated alone and your pet’s ashes are returned to you. There are many different urns and memorial options available for all pets that you can see either prior to, or after the decision of euthanasia has been made.

Dealing with the death of a beloved pet is a very difficult and heartbreaking process for most people. Whenever possible, having most of your decisions made ahead of time often makes the process just a little bit easier. In addition to contacting any of our staff members for more information, we have also created a complimentary “Pet Loss Support” package that you can pick up at any time that offers information on your various options, as well as contacts for grief guidance and support that may help you during this difficult time.