Introducing something (and someone) new for Western Animal Clinic

For anyone who has shopped around for a new vet clinic you know that it can be hard to navigate finding the right one. Every veterinary hospital is different. Different staff, different training, different protocols, different values, and different communication styles.

We pride ourself on having an excellent staff of veterinary technicians and well trained, knowledgeable veterinarians who are able to help all of your pets with anything they throw our way.

We were trying to find a way we could go above and beyond for our clients and help them to have the best experience possible with Western Animal Clinic. That’s when we came up with the idea of adding a Patient Care Coordinator to our team. We needed to find someone who had a lot of experience in the veterinary field and who would be able to think on their feet when talking with clients about ways we could help our patients receive the best care, while still fitting in with the routines and lifestyles of our clients. We wanted to find someone who could focus their time on growing our relationships with our clients and making sure that all their questions were answered. We found her!

Introducing Andrea!
Some of you may recognize Andrea from a few years ago. Andrea is rejoining the Western team after a couple of years away.

A message from Andrea:

I am so excited to be joining the Western Animal Clinic team again as their Patient Care Coordinator. Some of you may remember me, I worked at Western from 2004-2012 as a veterinary technician. I have missed being a part of the Western team since the day I left. The staff at western have always felt like my family. When they said they thought I would be perfect for their new position, I was so excited to be welcomed back to my family.

Since I left Western I have had the opportunity to work as a veterinary technician at a busy veterinary emergency clinic and as a practice manager of a small animal clinic. I’m looking forward to using the skills I learned in these roles to build a great relationship with our clients and their pets at Western.

As patient Care Coordinator, I can’t wait to be able to help you when your pets are diagnosed with a long term health concern. I will be an advocate for you and your pet to ensure that you are getting the best care possible. Once a patient has been identified by one of our veterinarians as a pet who has a long term health concern, our doctors will send their information to me and I will reach out to you and let you know how I can support you as you learn how to monitor your pets health. You can email me when you have a question that may not need a veterinarian directly or if you just want to check in and talk about how they are doing. I will act as a liaison between you and our veterinarians.

A little bit more about me on a personal level. I am slowly growing my tiny home zoo, as any good veterinary technician does including: a 5 year old cockapoo named Finn, an 8 month old Russian tortoise named Olive and a 1.5 year old blue tongue skink named Potato. My 12 year old daughter and I are actively trying to convince my husband to add another small breed puppy to the mix and maybe one day I’ll have my sphynx cat that I have always wanted. When I’m not at work I can usually be found hiking a trail, playing at a park with my 3 kids, building with wood or refinishing furniture, watercolour painting or hanging out at the hockey rink at one of my kids’ many games and practices.

I look forward to meeting you all in the coming months and growing this role to be a vital part of your pets veterinary care and ensuring our patients get the best care possible.
Talk to you soon
Andrea Conte, VT
Western Animal Clinic Patient Care Coordinator

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