Western Animal Clinic and myVETstore know your pets are an important part of your family and are included in holiday celebrations. Spoiling your furry friend has never been easier with our myVETstore online store. All of your pet’s treats, toys, collars and leashes can be purchased and delivered right to your door just in time for Santa Paws to make his appearance!




Tips for a Safe and Healthy Holiday

Bright lights, glittery decorations and tasty treats can be just as exciting for our pets as they are for us, but can be dangerous. Here are a few tips to ensure your furry friends have a pawsitively joyful season!

1. O’CHRISTMAS TREE – We all know our feline friends like to climb, so be sure to secure your tree to prevent it from toppling over. Ensure those precious ornaments are affixed securely.

2. DECK THE HALLS – Mistletoe, holly and poinsettias are festive favourites but are poisonous to pets. These plants can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and even more life threatening issues like cardiovascular and kidney issues. Keep out of reach of pets or choose silk or plastic.

3. KEEP THE TINSEL AWAY – Cats love the sparkle of tinsel, however it can lead to GI obstruction if ingested. Your best bet is to forgo the tinsel. Glass or plastic ornaments can damage pet’s mouth and bowel so place these out of their reach.

4. HOLIDAY SPARKLE DANGERS – Do not leave lighted candles unattended. With electric lights, be sure that wires and plugs are out of reach to avoid burns and shocks.

5. FESTIVE FARE – You’ve heard it over and over, do not feed your pets chocolate. Also our seasonal turkey and leftover bones are a danger to our pets. Avoid a costly vet bill by securing garbage cans, and don’t leave food unattended. Instead spoil your pet with a suitable treat or toy in their stocking!

6. SILENT NIGHT – If you are opting to have a small gathering at your home this year, keep in mind the extra people and noise can be stressful for your pet. Offer your pet their own quiet room complete with toys and items to keep them busy, so that they can feel safe and secure.

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