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Don’t neglect your pet’s dental health!

Your pet’s oral health is more important than you think.

Did you know that according to the American Veterinary Dental College that by three years of age most dogs and cats have periodontal disease? We strive to detect these changes as early as possible and help develop a home care preventive plan, where daily oral brushing is the mainstay of prevention.

But often, pets do need some veterinary intervention at least once in their lifetime. Dental disease can be painful, and there is a strong correlation between oral health and overall systemic health. Dental disease can affect kidney, liver and heart health.

Our registered veterinary technicians and veterinarians stay with your pet throughout the entire dental procedure, making sure your pet is comfortable and safe. Patients’ oxygenation, ECG, pain control, temperature and blood pressure are diligently monitored. Pain control for dental extractions is maintained by systemic medications as well as local dental blocks.

All patients with significant dental disease have digital dental radiographs taken, so we can better assess what type of intervention the teeth and gums require. We have all modern equipment in our dental suite to address most issues. If we have any concerns, we consult with a specialist and sometimes refer if indicated.

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