Did You Know…

Did you know that many of the most common aging conditions that affect our senior pets are very treatable?  Too often, we attribute changes in our pet’s behaviour to “just getting old”.  Remember, old age is not a disease…

Now Can You Imagine…

Can you imagine having sore, painful joints that make basic tasks difficult or that make finding a comfortable position to sit or to sleep almost impossible?  Can you imagine having no access to even basic medications to help ease the pain?  Many of our senior dogs and cats are in such a position, day in and day out, suffering from degenerative joint diseases.  There are so many safe and easy to administer options for making them comfortable.  Ask us for help.

Can you imagine having a condition that puts you at risk of heart disease, kidney failure, chronic nausea, obesity, constant thirst or joint pain?  Can you then imagine being told a basic blood test would give you an answer as to why you were feeling that way and a simple daily medication would relieve all of your symptoms and could add years to your life?  Can you imagine not having access to those tests or to that medication?  Many of our senior pets have endocrine disorders that are readily treatable.  We can help.

Can you imagine struggling to breathe and suffering from a chronic cough and fatigue and not getting any help?  Many of our senior pets suffer from heart disease that can be diagnosed with basic tests and managed with medication.  Ask us how.

Can you imagine having constant pain from untreated dental disease?  Can you imagine dealing with sore, infected and inflamed gums and from diseased teeth?  Can you imagine forcing yourself to eat every day because you knew you had to to survive? Can you imagine not having access to even basic pain control let alone dental care?  Sadly, not every Canadian has equal access to dental care and this is true for our pets too.  There is much we can do to help.  Call us and let us help to find a solution.

When we recognize that old age is not a disease and take the time to notice our senior pets, there is much we can achieve together to help make their golden years their best years.

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