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Your Adult Dog or Cat

Western Animal Clinic offering proactive care for your pet

As most pet owners are aware, a pet’s annual physical exam is extremely important. At this time, your pet’s weight is taken and compared to previous visits. The doctor will then start at one end and systematically check your pet over. We can pick up early changes in the eyes, mouth, ears, thyroid, heart and lungs, skin, abdomen and extremities. Early detection and correction will, at the least, improve your pet’s enjoyment of life but in some cases can even save his or her life.

In addition to an annual physical exam, we try to monitor those things that we can’t readily see from the outside. Wellness testing enables us to check your pet’s health from the inside by checking such vital things as kidney and liver function, blood counts, blood sugar, and in our more senior pets thyroid function, all from a small amount of blood collected at the time of your pet’s annual exam. After the first year, subsequent Wellness profiles can be checked against a pet’s earlier results to be on the lookout for any changes.

One the doctor has determined your pet’s overall health status, together with you, they will determine what sort of vaccinations are required based on your pet’s age and life style.