I love to give kisses, to my humans, to my cat brother, to everyone I see! However, there came a time when my humans seemed to stop loving them as much as they used to. When I would run up to them, they would try and avoid me coming right to their face; how rude was that? I didn’t know what it was. Was the cat suddenly cuter than me? Was it because I wasn’t a puppy anymore? I liked to give kisses on their face, it showed how much I loved them!

That wasn’t the only strange thing to happen. I noticed a difference in my favourite time of day; breakfast! I was crunching away when suddenly, ouch! I threw my kibble across the floor. A few seconds later I tried eating my kibble again. It seemed to be much easier if I chewed all my food on the left side of my mouth! After breakfast it was time for play. I love to chew on my bones and toys! Something was different this morning though. It hurt to play. Chewing on any of my toys really made my mouth uncomfortable. I decided it was best to just go lay down and have a nap. I think this worried my humans as I always want to play. After a long day of napping it was dinner time. I was excited, but after this morning I was a little worried I would feel that awful pain again. After trying to chew all my food to one side I gave up and left some of my dinner in my bowl.

The next morning instead of my breakfast my human took me for a car ride. I was so excited! Were we going out for breakfast? Was I going to have a fancy meal with my humans? Oh I couldn’t wait to rub it in the cat’s face how good this was going to be! Eventually we pulled into the vet’s office. What were we doing here? I wasn’t sick. We had recently been here for my annual visit, did my vet miss me? (I mean I AM adorable) We met with a technician in a room and I could tell she was asking my human some questions about me. They kept looking at me! My human then gave me a kiss on the nose (finally kisses again!) and left the room. With my tail wagging I followed the technician to an area where I got a big hug and I felt a quick poke. I saw she had some vials in her hand. Oh I just HAD to sniff them. Yup that’s my blood! After some time I am given a few more pokes and I begin to feel sleepy. Was it already time for my afternoon nap? I was getting lots of pets and snuggles. The next thing I know I was fast asleep.

When I woke up I felt the nice technician petting my head. I could hear her gently saying my name. Boy what a nap that was. I slept like a log! And then I felt it, my teeth! What was this feeling happening inside my mouth? I tried to lick my teeth and they felt so smooth. But wait, there were some teeth missing! What happened during my nap? Did the tooth fairy come? Oh I was too tired to try and sniff her out, so I went back to extending my afternoon nap. After a comfy, much enjoyed day of sleeping I was led back to the room I was in that morning and there to greet me were my humans! Oh my goodness. I was so happy to see them! How long had it been? Where did they go? I couldn’t resist and jumped up and kissed their faces! Ah, it felt so good to give them kisses again!

That evening I was starving for dinner. It felt like I hadn’t eaten in years. I got some special canned food and it was delicious! What was even better, there was no pain! About 2 weeks after my visit with the tooth fairy my kibble reappeared along with my bone and toys. It felt so nice to crunch and chew and play with no pain. I felt like a teething puppy again! The best thing of all was that my humans accepted my in-their-face kisses again! Even the cat tolerated my affection a bit more! The tooth fairy at the clinic must have talked to my parents because now they brush my teeth as often as they can! I can’t complain, it is a weird feeling but that toothpaste is pretty tasty. Even though some of my teeth are gone they still seem to love my smile! And did I mention my kisses?

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