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Dr. Vera Pugh

Pets: Zip, and Kodiak

Born in London, Ontario and graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1983, Dr. Pugh has divided her career between traditional veterinary practice in Canada and England; and humanitarian work with NGO’s, the UN and private enterprise in Thailand, Cambodia, the Ukraine and Latvia; and the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ethiopia, Pakistan, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Libya, and Nigeria.

She has worked with dogs and cats, horses, cattle, water buffalo and camels. She is a member of the Canadian Veterinary Reserve and also a director of Docs4GreatApes, a not-for-profit charitable organization supporting projects that improve the health of the endangered great ape populations around the world along with the human communities that surround them.

Dr. Pugh continues to volunteer for the Red Cross in London and for the Fanshawe Yacht Club Sailing School while working part-time at the Western Animal Clinic. She lives on a small farm with 2 horses, Zip and Kodiak, and her husband, Jeff. Together they still find time to enjoy competitive orienteering and sailing.