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We’ve been clients at Western for well over 20 years. We’ve had some critters with unusual medical issues, and Dr Austin has gone above and beyond to provide them the very best care. WAC is the only place I can think of where I feel my pets are as safe as they are at home. This clinic is the gold standard. Melanie M.

My two dogs have had their share of medical and surgical issues. At Western Animal Clinic, they have always been expertly and quickly diagnosed. When a referral has been needed, the doctors went out of their way to directly contact the specialists to discuss the case. Kathryn M.

I Wish We Had Taken Our Cat There Along Time Ago. All The Staff At Western Animal Clinic Are Very Compassinate, and Very Caring Very Polite Staff! Jen B.

Dr. McDougal’s kindness, empathy, and heartfelt advice made the descion that it was time to let my best friend go at home in peace made this descion as bearable as it ever can be. Thank you so much. Jen B.

I have had my cats cared for at Western Animal Clinic for well over 20 years. I can not say enough good about the wonderful people who own and work at this clinic. I currently have a fairly young cat that is having medical problems and Dr. Thomas has been amazing. When my furry baby needs to be seen emergently, the staff somehow magically always are able to find an appointment. I am so impressed and only wish the people health care system was as good. Jill B.

We went to a couple different clinics before we ended up with you folks, and we’re so glad we did. Everyone at the clinic is friendly and comprehensive in the care and service they provide. We’ve never felt pressured or like we’re being upsold a million things our dog doesn’t need. You’ve always been accommodating when we’ve had budgetary concerns, and helped us triage the most important things, without making us feel guilty for sometimes not being able to do more at the time. We also love the added bonus of supporting an entirely women-owned and run business. Thank you, and stay awesome! Wes H.

We previously had a very bad experience with a local vet and were scared of trying a new one with our dog expecting puppies soon. The waiting room had cushioned benches, coffee, friendly staff and a great vet! Our dog was not stressed at all to be there. Our x-ray pics were emailed to us right away. The vet spent so much time with us and answered every question we had (being nervous parents and all) Honestly I just chose them for their funny signs out front but loved the place once inside! Michelle F.

Excellent service and staff. Really comforting for our cat Smokey as he’s afraid of vet visits and shots. Erin S.

They are so caring and thoughtful! We recently lost our little baby Dirp (cat) and they sent a sympathy card signed by the whole staff! They go the extra mile and treat you like family. Jim M.

This is the BEST place to take your pet !!!!!

You will get great service and the very best Vet care ever. They are so compassionate and so caring for all pets.

Western Animal Clinic is AWESOME!!!! Julie D.

I have only been coming to the clinic since March with Molly and I am so amazed by the customer service and care from all the staff. I didn’t expect when I started coming here that I would receive calls from the vets themselves just to check up on Molly to see how she is doing. Margaret-Ann P.

I first went to Western Animal Clinic when I was still studying at UWO and my cat became ill. (The cat went on to live 16 years…) I am now 56 and still take our pets there. And for good reasons: very personal quality care and exceptional professionalism and service. 30+ years of excellence “sort of” speak for themselves!!! Linda S.

They are the most AMAZING animal clinic around. They stayed open late so we could have as much time as we needed to say goodbye to our last fur baby Homer.We Are Now Taking Our 2nd new fur babies there and wouldn’t go anywhere else but there. Jenny M.

Wonderful staff and extraordinary care for a fair price. I highly recommend Western Animal Clinic for your pet’s veterinary care! Sarah L.

I took both my cats Catsby and Clement for an initial visit in December and was very impressed. I’ll be remaining with this Clinic from now on. Only wish I had taken them there sooner. Linda S.

Excellent, caring staff who are always willing to go the extra mile. Jeff F.

A clinic with wonderful caring professionals. I’ve been going there for years with my cats. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Sandee C.

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