Weight Management and Your Pet – How We Can Help

We understand the struggles of wanting to shower your beloved pet with love, affection and lots of yummy goodies! We also know how easy it is to go overboard with the “treats” – we do it too! But did you know that if a pet is overweight, even as little as 20%, they could be at risk of developing illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease or joint disease? Regulating their weight is a huge part of keeping your pet happy and healthy. Ideally, it’s best to start young and early with a quality food and proper proportions however we know it’s not always that simple. Some pets come to us later in life already laden with weight issues, with some it has been a slower process and over time their weight has increased to an unhealthy point often because of a slower metabolism due to genetics or age and others just enjoy food so much it’s hard to say no.

We have heard it time and time again – owners getting frustrated by the fact that they’ve realized their pet needs to lose weight and they’ve tried at home with little to no results. That’s where we come in. Here at Western Animal Clinic, we offer a year-round Weight Management Program called Pound Patrol. This unique approach to pet weight loss brings client and clinic together as a team to establish a healthier lifestyle for your four-legged friend. Taking into account your pets breed, sex and age we will develop a plan of prescription food and portion control specifically tailored for your pet. The beauty of these specialty diet foods is that often your pet can eat more AND still lose weight.

During the Pound Patrol Program, we work closely with our clients through phone calls, emails and monthly weight check appointments to assess your pet’s progress, provide ideas to encourage physical activity and answer any questions you may have. We find that by consistently being in touch with you and keeping track of your pets progression it sets everyone up for success. Once your pet has reached their target weight (and we know they will!) we will then recommend an appropriate maintenance diet to help him/her keep their sleek physique.

So whether you’re looking to have your pet shed a few extra pounds, help them get through that tough transition from overweight to a healthy weight or you need guidance to keep your overeater maintained at their current weight Pound Patrol is here for you!

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