Our pets bring more to our lives than it may appear. In addition to love, companionship, and the emotional connection that humans crave, we actually change our actions when owning a pet. “We do best medically and emotionally when we feel securely attached to another, because we’re mammals and that’s the way we’ve evolved,” says Dr. Fricchione. He points out that we feel especially secure with dogs and cats because of the unconditional love they provide. “No matter what you do or say, your dog or cat accepts you and is attached to you,” says Dr. Fricchione. Taking care of a dog or a cat can provide a sense of purpose and a feeling of validation when you wake up or come home and there’s someone who’s happy to see you.

There was even a recent study in the journal Science about how oxytocin is boosted in both the dog and the human when a dog owner stares into eyes of the dog. That’s really fascinating, isn’t it?!

The team at Western Animal Clinic absolutely loves our pets, and it’s no secret! If you head over to our team page, you’ll notice that most of the photos feature our furry companions!

We were recently inspired by an incredible video, and our team wanted to jump in to tell you what our pets mean to us! Now we want to hear what your pet means to you!

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