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Your pet’s health comes first.

To strengthen the bond between our clients, our patients, and ourselves by providing compassionate, collaborative, and customized care every day.


Our focus is a nose-to-tail examination and care for your pet during each visit. Once the exam of your pet is completed, we’ll go over a wellness plan for your pet from oral health, to diet, parasite prevention and everything in between.

Annual wellness examinations are the first step in ensuring your pet stays healthy. We believe vaccinations should be tailored to the needs and environment of each pet. We discuss all risks and vaccine needs individually with you, starting from our registered veterinary technicians checking you into the exam with the veterinarian.  Annual wellness exams also include the option of early disease detection, with health screening lab work, which is discussed in detail with you.

Puppy and kitten-hood is a very exciting time for all, and we all love to see our pediatric patients. They make us all smile. It is also a time where owners have many questions, which we as a team are here to answer. We often see you a few times during that first year and discuss and establish vaccine protocols, answer diet questions, deworm, and help with training questions. We hope that our tender loving care gives your new family member that much more of a happy start to a long and wonderful adventure together!

We pride ourselves in our problem-solving to figure out what ails your pets, who cannot speak for themselves. Our veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians have extensive training and participate in continuing education to stay informed on the latest diagnostics and treatments in internal medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology, oncology, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, and nutrition.

We have a relationship with IDEXX laboratories and Royal Canin consultation services whose specialists offer insight to some of our most challenging cases, at no additional cost to you.

We have a fully equipped hospital and isolation ward, allowing us to admit patients who require in-hospital treatment and care during the day on IV fluids, medications, and dietary support.  Then if needed, we help with their transfer to ongoing care to the local emergency clinic overnight or discuss a detailed plan for medical care at home.


Our registered veterinary technicians and veterinarians stay with your pet from the beginning to the end of all surgical procedures, making sure your pet is comfortable and safe.

Patients’ oxygenation, ECG, pain control, temperature and blood pressure are diligently monitored. We make sure that we decrease our patients’ stress and minimize any discomfort they may feel during all procedures.

We perform a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries including spays and neuters, surgical biopsy and abdominal exploratory. We endeavor to make sure that all pre- and post-operative care is administered properly and clearly explained to you. We meet with you after the surgery to discuss each individual patient’s needs when they return home the day of the surgery.


Did you know that according to the American Veterinary Dental College that by three years of age most dogs and cats have periodontal disease?  We strive to detect these changes as early as possible and help develop a home care preventive plan, where daily oral brushing is the mainstay of prevention.

But often, pets do need some veterinary intervention at least once in their lifetime. Dental disease can be painful, and there is a strong correlation between oral health and overall systemic health. Dental disease can affect kidney, liver and heart health.

Our registered veterinary technicians and veterinarians stay with your pet throughout the entire dental procedure, making sure your pet is comfortable and safe.  Patients’ oxygenation, ECG, pain control, temperature and blood pressure are diligently monitored.   Pain control for dental extractions is maintained by systemic medications as well as local dental blocks.

All patients with significant dental disease have digital dental radiographs taken, so we can better assess what type of intervention the teeth and gums require.  We have all modern equipment in our dental suite to address most issues.  If we have any concerns, we consult with a specialist and sometimes refer if indicated.


When the scope of the problem requires specialist care in multiple fields, we have partnerships with many specialists, who we refer our patients to, both locally and within the province.

London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Clinic, as well as other specialist centers in Ontario at the University of Guelph, Mississauga Oakville Emergency and Referral Hospital, Yu of Guelph (dermatology), Veterinary Eye Specialist, and Toothvet.ca.

This is a very difficult time for our clients and patients. Our team strives to help answer all our client’s questions about the right time to say goodbye, what happens during the visit and afterward. We consider our clients family and want to make this difficult time as easy as possible for you. Our compassionate staff will go over all the afterlife options; offered through our partnership with Gateway Pet Memorial.

In-House Laboratory

Because our patients can’t talk to us, and when they are really sick, it’s very important to get as much information as quickly in-house. Our in-house laboratory equipment enables many laboratory tests to be done within half an hour right in the clinic.

We also utilize this service prior to anesthesia to make sure that your pet’s organs are functioning normally before giving them medications to anesthetize them.

Digital Radiology

We take care to minimize the amount of stress our animals experience while we take our in-house digital radiographs. We have a padded positioning trough. Sometimes our patients also need a bit of sedation so that we can quickly and efficiently position them without hurting them. Due to digital technology, we can quickly see the images which were taken.

Dental Digital Radiology

Radiographs of the teeth are taken when patients are under anesthetic prior to cleaning the patient’s teeth. We strive to keep our patients comfortable and warm during this very noninvasive procedure. The images themselves aid the veterinarian in assessing the health of your pet’s teeth. We often get unexpected surprises, because less than 50% of the tooth is above the gumline and the rest can only be visualized with x-rays. These images are critical to determining the best course of action for the dental procedure.

Urinary Bladder Ultrasound

Ultrasounding the bladder allows us to visualize the bladder in a three-dimensional image, picking up abnormalities in the bladder wall such as masses, thickening due to inflammation and small stones. It is a better comprehensive diagnostic tool than x-rays to narrow down the cause of a pets bladder discomfort. Dr. Cheryl Austin has taken special training in order to offer this service.

Guided Weight Loss Program

In this complimentary program, our Animal Care Coordinator, Andrea, will work closely with you to figure out the best plan for your pet to lose weight, focusing on

  • Your pet’s individual health needs. ie allergies, sensitivities, medical health, pickiness, individual caloric requirements
  • Their environment. ie household routine, who feeds, meal times
  • Using their current diet or the diet recommended by your veterinarian. If that doesn’t work, she will recommend the best alternative food options, based on your and your pet’s needs.

When you are next in for an exam, please let your veterinarian know that you wish to be paired with Andrea to help you with your pet’s weight loss and she will reach out to you to start the program.


We know how busy life can get! For our client’s convenience, we offer online shopping through myVETstore for all your pet’s food, treats, toys over the counter medications, and more.

We carry all of our prescription diets in the vet store, but did you know we also carry a wide variety of popular over-the-counter pet food brands too? No need to make a separate trip to the pet store. They are all available online for home delivery at the click of a mouse!

Shop from the comfort of your home and have your pet’s items delivered conveniently right to your door or the shipping address of your choice. We can even offer an auto-ship option that allows you to “set it and forget it” so you never run out of food.

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