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Winter Safety Tips

By April 24, 2024 April 30th, 2024 No Comments

The temperature is dropping here in London, ON and while you bundle up before you start your day, think about your pet and their needs when it gets cold outside. The entire team at Western Animal Clinic wants both you and your pet to have a safe and happy holiday season.

  • Limit grooming. The cold winter temperatures can lead to dry, flaky skin. Bathing your dog too often can make that worse because it removes moisturizing essential oils. Also, keep your pup’s wintertime haircut a bit longer than his summertime haircut. The extra fur provides helpful insulation.
  • Just because it isn’t hot outside doesn’t mean your pup doesn’t need plenty of fresh water. Staying hydrated is a good idea year-round, but during the cold and dry winter months, it will help his skin to stay hydrated, too.
  • Dry off well after time outdoors. Towel dry your dog after he comes in from the cold. Be sure to remove all salt, ice, chemicals, and snowballs from between his foot pads. On your own property, be sure to use a pet-safe ice melter.
  • Wear a coat and/or booties. You aren’t the only one who needs a winter coat during those frigid walks. Some dogs, especially smaller breeds with short hair, should also wear protective gear, like coats and booties.
  • Stay inside. If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your dog. When the temperature drops really low, it’s better to stay inside, only allowing your dog to go outside for quick bathroom breaks. Even large-breed dogs with thick coats can succumb to freezing winter temperatures, so never leave them outside unattended.


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