Day 1: I saw it jumping through the carpet. I think it wants to play. There was only one and I lost it! We must be playing hide and seek.

Day 2: There are more today! They must’ve told their friends how fun I am. I’m definitely going to catch at least one.

Day 3: I caught more than one, but not in the way I wanted to. I just wanted to pin one down, play with it and maybe eat it. Instead, there are thousands all through my fur! I don’t like them anymore.

Day 4: These bugs definitely didn’t come to play. They’re biting me!! I’m so itchy! It’s like that time Mom tried to knit me a wool sweater for the winter, except WAY WORSE.

Day 5: I’ve had enough. I’m going to eat them all!

Day 6: Uh oh.. I may have gone overboard. I have bald spots, and red spots! Mom put a cone of shame on me – SO EMBARRASSING! It’s not my fault, though. I couldn’t help it. I’m just so itchy. Now I feel even worse because I can’t do anything about it.

Day 7: Things are really getting weird now. My mom made a call to someone, and I heard my name. She left, and when she came back she put this cold liquid on my back! I rolled and rolled trying to get it off but I think it sunk in. Does my Mom know what she’s doing?!?! Did she poison me?!

Day 8: ITS A MIRACLE! I’m not itchy! Maybe that liquid killed the bugs! I knew my Mom knew what she was doing. Thank goodness that nightmare is over!
Day 30: My summer has been going well: I’ve been suntanning on the deck, watching the squirrels, meowing at the back door like I want to come in, then laying back down as soon as they open it (that’s a classic!)…until now. First it was an itchy body and bugs crawling all over. Now, it’s an itchy bum! I just can’t catch a break.

Day 31: Did my Mom cook rice? Some must’ve gotten in my bed. Gross! How messy she is sometimes. Thankfully she saw and cleaned it up.

Day 32: There she goes again talking about me on the phone! She mentioned “tapeworm”. Maybe it’s a new measuring tool for handsomeness.

Day 33: I was right! She must’ve been talking about how cute I am because she brought me a treat from the vet’s office.

Day 34: Happy day!! My bum is fixed! Every time my Mom talks about me on the phone she fixes me. She must be magic – wow – a wizard for a Mom!

Don’t let your cat’s diary be as exciting as this! Make sure to pick up flea prevention when the warm weather starts, even if your cat only goes on the deck. Fleas are not only uncomfortable, but transmit tapeworms as well.

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