Western Animal Clinic has been looking after our clients and their furry family members for over 50 years.  While we’ve loved every minute of it, we’re starting to show the wear and tear.

We are very excited to announce that commencing January 2024 for approximately 8 weeks we will be undergoing renovations to serve you better.

What will this mean for you and your pet?

YES, we will be fully open for business throughout the renovations. ( please watch your inbox and social media for information regarding occasional and brief closures to facilitate the renovation work )

Your pet’s safety and wellbeing is our number one priority.  All appointments and procedures will take place in an area of the clinic completely separate and sealed from all of the renovation work.

Flow of Service

* Parking will remain open in our BACK parking lot throughout.

* Reception will be located in the heated office trailer in the back parking lot.  Please check in there upon your arrival.

* Food, medication and special order pick ups will be available in the reception trailer.

* Certain limited appointments including end of life appointments will be facilitated in person in a separate, private exam room within the office trailer.

* All other appointments will be checked in by reception and patients will be brought into the clinic by one of our RVTs.  The veterinarian will then contact you at your cell phone number provided at check in to review the appointment, results, and recommendations.

* Payment can be made over the phone, or in person back in the reception trailer.

* An RVT will return your pet to you at your vehicle.

Please Note: Due to very limited available space in the clinic during the renovations, owners will not be able to accompany their pets inside the clinic.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these eight weeks, and look forward to inviting you all to see the new face of Western Animal Clinic when everything is completed.

We’re here to help!

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